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DSL streaming audio?

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I have an old pentium 2 mobo and stuff just sitting in a box doing nothing so I want to try something with this?

I was wondering if it was possible to put a NIC into it, a soundcard and some software into it to make it an audio streaming server.

What I mainly wanna do is connect it to the speaker out of my HAM-Radio box to make it stream my qso's and qso's that I receive on it.


I was gonna try this, but if anyone can help me out a little with this, please do.

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You're talking about adding a sound card... do you want to stream music to it and have it play, or have it act as a server streaming media to other devices so they can play it?


Either way, look at mythtv or mythbuntu - they're Linux-based media centre software.


If it's only audio streams you're interested in, look at shoutcast.

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I want to stream stuff from that pc to the internet from the soundcard input.


It will be like this:


HAM RADIO RECEIVER ==> PC_Line-In ==> Linux with streaming software ==> internet


Internet==> PC (for example @ work) ==> Speakers so I can listen to my ham radio receiver at work.

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Shoutcast sounds like whatcha need, then - that will stream audio onto the internet, then you can listen to it in various media players (Winamp, etc).


You'll need to open ports to allow it to stream, and configure it so that you'll get a stable feed at reasonable quality. No doubt all that will be explained on the Shoutcast website.


You'll also need some audio capturing software to grab the feed from the Line In and direct it to the input channel of Shoutcast. For all I know, that could be built into shoutcast itself - I've only listened into radio stations involving friends broadcasting MP3s over the internet.

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I was thinking about VLC player.

I heard you can stream with that also....

But i'll check shoutcast out :)

I also heard some stuff about something called IceCast or something.

Gonna check that out 2.



Ya, you'd want to use Icecast. It's basically Shoutcast that you see with Winamp. You shouldn't have any issues as long as you're not running a bunch of other CPU heavy stuff in the background. :)

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