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Introducing PCLinuxOS 2010

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The distribution itself comes on a single live CD which kicks off with a GRUB boot menu. The GRUB screen gives the user the ability to boot normally, into the live environment, into a console or via various safe modes, or to perform a media check. Additional menus along the bottom of the screen offer support for additional languages, screen resolutions and kernel options.




Booting into the live environment presents the user with a blue-themed KDE desktop. The root and guest account passwords are displayed at the top of the screen and the application menu is displayed in the classic KDE style. Icons on the desktop provide short-cuts to the command line, the user's folders and the system's installer. Along the taskbar are icons providing the user with links to various tools to configure the desktop and to configure the computer (more on the differences between those two shortly). There are also launchers to browse the user's files and start the package manager.


The installer starts off by asking the user to partition their hard disk. The partition editor has an interesting approach to its job, where almost all the controls are either buttons or sliders. While this took a few moments for me to get used to, the layout will probably appeal to less experienced users. Once the disk has been divided up, the installer formats the drive and copies the necessary files over from the CD. This happened without any confirmation, taking me a bit by surprise as generally an installer will warn the user before wiping a partition. Once the copy process is complete, the installer asks the user to configure the boot loader. After configuring the boot loader, the installer locked up for a minute and, finally, showed me a screen asking me to "halt computer".


more > http://www.osnews.com/story/23176/Introducing_PCLinuxOS_2010

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