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linux on an old laptop

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hey dudes!


I got this old laptop from a friend of mine.

it;s a p3 500mhz with only 86mb's of ram.

Would it be possible to run a linux with graphical interface on it?

Reason I am asking is cause I actually don't want to put windows 98 on that machine....even though it would let me run some programs and old games which xp and up won't run....

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if you could bump it up to 256mb ram then yes i guess so, otherwise you could use an older release (not secure though) from a few years back

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Bumping up the RAM ought to make it run a bit smoother. If you go for one of the more streamlined distros you won't have any problem running a GUI, but you may notice lag in movement or stuttering during video playback when low memory causes swapping issues.

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