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iptables - bad rule

Guest Four20

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Ok, i just set up a linux box with my old machine since I built a new one.


I set it up and its all running good with internet hooked straight to it.

I go and hook the internet back to my newer machine. hook the two computers together via cross over cat5 cable and start it up.

I get the error

iptables - bad rule - does a matching rule already exist


There are 5 lines at the top that end with "accept"

and about 6 at the bottom that say "reject"


can anyone help me with this issue. I shared my internet on my windows machine. But the linux box isnt recognizing on the network.


any suggestions will be most appriciated.

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if its redhat, try running lokkit and disabling the firewall temporarily


does that work ?


does the machine get an ip ?


(ifconfig as root will tell you)





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ok, well try


service network start




ifup eth0


if that fails then linux isnt seeing your network card properly


what network card is it and what version of linux are you using


more info please



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no worries glad to help


please provide more info in future and dont use my msn messenger to talk to me unless its urgent


we are all willing to help here :)





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