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Automatic chmod on anon user created directories?

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First off, configuration info


Athlon 1ghz, (32 bit obviously) redhat 9 (2.4.28-9) using vsftpd




* I have successfully configued vsftpd to be publicly available on the internet.

* I have configured anonymous user logins

* anonymous users can download whatever they can SEE

* anonymous users can create directories

* anon users can enter those directories and upload files to them



What they can't do is..


Delete directories (and I don't want them to be able to)

Delete files in directories (and I don't want them to be able to)

Browse directories they created after uploading something to them


The /incoming and /pub directories can be uploaded to, and the files that are put there, are visible, but not downloadable.


But if someone makes a sub-directory in /incoming .. they can cd to it, and put files. but they cannot see the files they put, and cannot download them, obviously.



Reasoning, as I see it is, that the /incoming and /pub directories are


files that are uploaded to /incoming get tagged as -rw--------


directories that are made in incoming are tagged as -rwx-------


How can I get the directories made in /incoming to be tagged AUTOMATICALLY so that anonymous users can 'browse' and download files from them, and the same for the files too.


I mean, I can put files there, then from the box itself (via ssh or right from it's k/b and mouse) can set the right flags.. but I want the chmod to happen automatically


I want anything 'pushed' into there to be -rwxr-xr-x (I assume.. this means I'll be able to have an "anonymous ftp site") with full functionality so.. how do i set this up (chmod 755 ?) to happen on the fly

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well it takes avtive members to make a post/forum popular,


seeing as you have 5 posts i'd hardly call that 'active'


but nonetheless, did you find out the solution to your question above yet ?





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