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-install .tar

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Ive got the contents unzipped to a folder, and I am staring at them wondering why the divx people couldnt be nice and make a rpm out of them. How do you install things manually, anyway?

(I need my videos... <_< )

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Auctually.... the content file is .tar.gz --they extract pretty much the same, so i thought there was no difference. :unsure:

The tar command doesnt recognize the file as a tar file though, even with renaming--and therefore, it doesnt respond to the tar command. The contents extract into a directory with an installl.sh file, but running it puts files in only a few directories and doesnt add anything to /usr/sbin or wherever the directory is that holds a list of programs that can be executed by their name as a command.


:blink: Mind-boggling.. :blink: Whoever takes this one, could you give a quick once-over on the importance of the different usr, bin, and lib directories? I hate not knowing why the file structure is organized like it is

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joy... it re-created the folder I had already had with all the extracted files in it. I had gotten that far before, but I'm at a loss as to auctual installation.

Relevant-looking files are:

-- an html document describing the actions of divx in lengthy details using code that scares me

-- "install.sh" which I've ran without seeing many results. It puts files in a couple directories, but I still cant run divx.


Anyone remember how you installed it, or know a place where I can get a different player for both mpg and avi ?

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