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mintPPC different from screenshot

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I just installed mintPPC on my PowerBook G4 12" (6,8) expecting it to look like the screen shots at mintPPC.org.  It looks completely different!!!

I downloaded using the mini.iso from a debian mirror site. Have a look at the screen shot of my curent desktop and please let me know what I am actually running.


I am brand brand new to Linux and this is my first distribution, so I would very much like to know what it is before I reinstall or try somethhing else. I kinda like the desktop I have now, but it is a bit sluggish and the sound doesn't work.


I am downloading a disk image of Ubuntu 14.04 and will try a LiveCD with that, but I really really would like to try MintPPC as from the research I have done, it seems PPC users are quite happy with it.


Thank you in advance.



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This forum won't let me post the screenshot. I can drag it to the window and it shows, but it doesn't turn up after posting.




I am new to all this and can't find info on how to post a pic, so .....

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