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can't up2date ? rpms database broken ?

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if you have problems running up2date, and you are advised to clear your rpm database heres how


as root




[root@localhost root]#  rm -f /var/lib/rpm/__db*






[root@localhost root]# rpm -vv --rebuilddb


once done, try running up2date again





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I thought it recommended to start using the yum system as opposed to up2date?



apt-get and yum are superior replacements for RPM by handling all the pre-requisites for you (one command does it all) but on some older linuxes, apt-get and yum do not work very well. This is fine for debian (apt) and centos/fedora/redhatenterprise (yum) but older distros may have issues...


It's a great recommendation, and worked on a RedHat9 box that I was about to rebuild. Probably still should rebuild it, but the need isn't as high now that I fixed the RPM database!!


Thanks for the tip!!


--zepcom :P

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