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allow it LAN but deny it WAN

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hi guys


look at the enclosed pic,


i have two 'networks' at home


both have their own ADSL modem internet connection, and different IP address


the network (a.) has several small computers running and connected to the big box (server)


I want the computer on (b.) to have access to the server on (a.) locally (100mb/s) so that file copying operations are fast and transparent,


I'm guessing that shoving a second network card into that box will allow me to do that,


however, if i do that, won't the network (b.) pick up the internet connection from (a.) ?


how do I only grant b.) LAN connection and deny it internet connections from (a.)


windows boxes !






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shouldn't be too tough ....


I'm sure all the stuff on A has addresses assigned statically, so you could just run your dsl modem into the switch that they're plugged into then run your cable to computer B. Shouldn't have any problems with it picking up inet connection from A: because it will be assigned a different gateway. Then what you'll want to do is add an alias the the nic with an ip in that same class as the computers in A. If you have any more questions, I'm pretty sure you know where you can get ahold of me ...





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ADSL, sounds like the modem is an internal modem eh?


Regardless, if you want to keep internet connectivity outside the lan, you definately need a firewall. Dual NICs would work, but I wouldn't rely on XP's firewall... I'd use something a bit more secure.

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I don't know if you solved this or not.

but by looking at your diagram,


Computer B, should have a gateway of your DSL on NIC1


In NIC2, specify an internal IP but no Gateway...

and it will not detect the Internet on the "A" network. :)





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