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RH9 WiFi on laptop

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I am currently using RH-9 on my laptop, and would like to use my DWL-650M (Cardbus revision, still uses realtek chipset) but, to no avail.. Also, have an MN-510 USB WiFi adapter (used for wardriving)... neither work... i've tried installing the wifi update, etc...


Someone in #redhat on efnet suggested i install Fedora... Will this release support my 2 WiFi cards? Anyone know?


I am downloading the ISOs at the moment, and will install Fedora reguardless... but I really need help getting wifi to work -


thank you



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Good luck, mang. I had a DWL-650 Rev M, and the drivers were not Fedora-ized...

I tried Driverloader too, but to no avail. SO, I popped in my Netgear MA401 card, and BOOM, Beejy got WiFied. Now, I just need to get SMB up...

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