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Internet Problem Still Annoying Me!!

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I have posted this problem before, however I got no response.


I have a windows XP laptop hooked to AOL broadband via a USB Modem.


That connection is fine, and I have networked the machine to my Fedora Core 1 machine. The network seems to be fine and files can be shared etc.


The problem is that i can only access certain websites such as google, hotmail and others. I cannot access this website from my linux machine among many others, and cannot download the nVidia kernel update thing as described in the Guide on this website, so I have many problems leading back to this one.


Please can someone help??


Thanks in advance.



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what error do you get when you try to access these other webpages ?





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Unbelievable, yesterday I was at least able to download packages using apt-get, but today i can connect to ayo.freshrpms.net!!


What is this all about, if the problem was consistent at least I may be able to understand it a little more!!


Any help would be much appreciated, I am tearing my hair out!!





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Guest Guest

you needn't bother.


i have decided that while i am a customer of AOL broadband, Windows XP is the system that I need to be on. I shall come back to Linux when I am not tied down so, but for now this is the last you will hear of me.


Thanks all, my experience in the last few weeks will aid me in the future no doubt.


for now but not for ever, theshinydemon.

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