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Gnome2 at startup

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I have recently installed FreeBSD (i know it's unix but....) version 4.9 i386. Considering that this is the first time i have ever used Linux/Unix Based OS i am doing quite well with setting up the XServer and the Gnome Desktop.


My question is this...

Ho do i/What file do i change to make Gnome run at startup so that i login to the computer with the Gnome GUI????????????


Please reply this has been pissing me off for the past day, and please speak real simple. i am very computer literate but, Unix is a whole new world to me. :unsure:

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A followup for anyone else in the same position as me:




This helped me get a graphical user login going (XDM) but what i realy want is the GDM....


HOWEVER i have read on the internet that you should not boot in to GDM using the ttys file as it becomes unstable. Does anyone know a work around or even better, the proper way to install GDM?


Gnome is my default desktop enviroment, i.e. when i login and type 'startx' gnome starts.


I am using Gnome2 on a FreeBSD 4.9



p.s. or would you suggest that i convert to KDE? :huh:

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