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enable ident in IRC

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why do you want to enable IDENTd in linux, well, you connect to some IRC channel or rather you can't connect to the channel or server because it requires that you have IDENTD enabled.


you'll know you don't have it enabled becuase your nick in IRC will appear as something like this




notice the '~'


that means you are not 'identd'd


right, how to fix it ? easy, in fedora core release 2 do as follows


login as root using 'su -'

type the following


system-config-services (or for redhat/fedora core 1 type redhat-config-services)


scroll down to 'identd' and put a checkmark beside it (as in the screenshot) and click on start to start the service.


click save to save your changes and close system-config-services.


Now as root, type this


vi /etc/identd.conf


scroll down to the line that reads


#-- Enable encryption (only available if linked with a DES library)

result:encrypt = yes


and REM it out with a # so that it now reads


#-- Enable encryption (only available if linked with a DES library)

# result:encrypt = yes


save the file (:wq)


and restart the identd service by typing


service identd restart


once done you have enabled identd. If you still get the ~ infront of your 'nick' in IRC then make sure that port 113 is not blocked by your firewall/router.






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