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For the fun of it I downloaded and installed the latest "Linspire full 4.3.439"


AND IT RUN's EVERYTHING!!!! straight outta the gate (hehe no pun............ If I aint got walls or fences >>> then I don't want WINDOWS or GATES :P )


I've got Asus A7N8X Deluxe Radeon 9800 pro Optical intellimouse DVDRW AND a Thrusmaster Tac-board (not actually detected by name but WORX)


I downloaded and installed for FREE hehe DOOM, Quake II, Unreal Tournament 2003 & 2004 Demo's and they all run AWESOME!


My DSL is etho connected and workx fine :P


Okay I'm still using Windows XP in the Interim and This click and run is quite n00by but hey I'm a n00b :rolleyes: I tried using konsole and using the ut-install-436.run file managed to get Unreal Tournament installed completely off the Original Windows Install CD's :D HMMMM BUT is it just that edition off Unreal Tournament? I dunno BUT MY FPS was woeful about 10 FPS at the most. (glxgears gives me 4-4200fps?)


ALL - in - ALL a GREAT "learners" introdution to Linux will help me "get there"


on my way to 1337-n3$s

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