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Fonts for wine

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I've followed the very nice 'intro' to make Wine work, and all of that stuff. What I'm wondering of is that the font that Wine applications are shown with, is not nice, and it 'screws' up the look a bit. To make it more easy to use, I would like to use a font like Anyweb has gotten here.




My font looks like this (not my screenshot):



I'f it was possible, I would look for a font like 'Tahoma' That i use in Window$...

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it is possible to add the microsoft fonts


just read this tip i wrote for more info







edited by znx: weee proper link!

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Is there any way to get those tips re-published? The page doesn't exist anymore (outdated). I'm having a similar problem while using photoshop.


They are actually still published.. just an old link ..


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