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Is an update really an update?

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So, dinking around with my system last night I go through the motions of trying to update things and it appears as if I'm good to go. Am I correct in assuming that there are various ways of going about the same things as far as updates are concerned or am I missing something here.


I went through the process of apt-get update, and let that do it's thing.


I also installed Synaptic and ran through its processes and grabbed a whole bunch more updates.


Now I'm reading up on YUM.....Am I chasing my tail here or is this yet another updater that needs to be ran?

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apt-get is more than enough,


to update your system properly with apt-get do as follows


apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y


the apt-get update bit merely updates the 'list' of available updates


the && tells linux to execute the next command


the apt-get upgrade -y tells linux to upgrade all available updates listed for apt-get and the -y tells it 'yes go ahead'


please try it


also, to upgrade your KERNEL using apt-get do as follows


apt-get update && apt-get install kernel


that will list a whole bunch of kernels, pick the latest one that matches your hardware





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