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Atheros AR5bxb61 wont activate in fedora

Hello I am new to Linux and I have been searching this for a week now. I have a new Toshiba Satellite with the Atheros AR5bxb61 mini pci-e card in it. in the network device control it shows ath0 but when i try to activate it it say's "device does not seem to be present delaying initialization." I am a noob to linux and desperately want to understand and power use linux to it's max, but i am starting to get frustrated cause BT3 live cd & USB both can use my wireless better than windows. can someone help me understand this please.




have you looked into ndiswrapper at all ? most likely your card will need it


heres some info about it and a guide here





this is what I get when I use yum for a lot of things not just NDISWRAPPER, any suggestions. I'm using Fedora



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So obviously I feel like an idiot, how would I download and manually install anything for that matter from an ****.tar.gz ?

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you must have internet access to do this, do you ?


if you do and you still get that message then try


yum install ndiswrapper




I figured it out!!!! [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_laugh.png[/img] <_<d@#$ that really sucked, I had to google it in thirty different times in a million different context but I found it. I added the


# # sudo rpm -ivh




# # sudo rpm --import /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-livna


to add the new repository and lastly I used


# # sudo yum -y install ndiswrapper


thanks anyweb for the guide and idea's for this I am reading now and going to implement if I can, I'll post any problems and my eventual success.

We'll I am really upset it turns out that my wireless card is not supported in Fedora, I have the Atheros AR5BXB61 aka AR5211 chipset now I have read a team is working on making functional drivers but as of right now: no dice :( . Although what I don't understand is that in both Backtrack 2&3 my Wireless card worked? Am I missing something? Also I got ndiswrapper to install but now when I open a terminal and su then input ndiswrapper commands they are not found? any idea? thanks

regarding commands not found


when you su make sure to use the path as well




instead of





su -


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