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How can recover from Linux iptables block?

I have a hired a linux web server host from a company. I logged through ssh and modified iptables.

By mistake, it is not configured and blocked all ports, including ssh, ftp, http etc.


I am able to ping and reboot remotely.


All I need to do is to delete the /etc/sysconfig/iptables file and reboot the server.


How can I achieve this? I have already raised a support ticket.


If they know how to recover, it is fine. Otherwise, I wanted to guide them.


Previously for such mistake, i used to login using a CD during boot process.

Now I forget how to do.


Is there a way the web hosting company fix using console operation?


All i need is to recover my system asap.


What are my options and how can I do it?








You will have to remove the files locally if everything is blocked :(

Most hosts will simply do an OS re-install. A lot will charge you for it. If your doing iptables work on a remote server, it can be a good idea to add a crontab entry to disable iptables say every 30 minutes while you are testing and making the rules. Have made that mistake once myself, my host had a nice remote OS install option though, and iptables is one of the first things i setup, so luckily it didn't cost me anything.

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