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not often i do this

ok guys,

there are some problems with the server at the moment namely


the forums themselves are broken (you probably can't see it, but the polls on the front page can't change... and some other issues)


the hard discs in the server that runs this website are starting to sound very ill indeed, 4x125GB hdd's


so what I propose to do is replace the current box (ageing P3) with a more up to date p4 3ghz or similar with one or two 500gb sata drives for future expansion


if any of you can help., i'd be very grateful,


all I need is the drive(s) i'll supply the computer


two ways you can help, hit the 'donate to linux-noob' button on the front page (paypal, bottom left of the front page) or tell me you are sending a nicely wrapped new SATA 500gb hard disc,


either way you'll make it into the hall of fame for supporting linux users worldwide


right here







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