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Hello, my name is SkullFire XD

Hello all, I would like to introduce myself as SkullFire. I am not entirely new to the open source/Linux scene, but I can't say I'm even close to know the standards :) Recently (about a week ago) I have installed Linux to my desktop computer. Where I've had previous distributions on my system before, this one has lasted 7 days without either being forgotten or deleted. I had given up on Linux before, because i couldn't understand it, but times have changed, and I'm looking for a new experience :) Something fresh and fun. I am also into video gaming and music too. Two of the core reason's I couldn't use Linux... my games wouldn't work and my sound card was always incompatible.


I hope to have a fun time here in this community, and I wish to learn many things and meet lots of people too :)




welcome to the forums and welcome back to linux !


we are on IRC too, please see my signature




.... I dont know how to use IRC, and the computer that goes online uses Windows. Any suggestions on programs?

xchat or mirc will do the job





o_O it won't work...

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