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A stable nVidia Linux driver for GF5900XT


I'm quite tired of experimenting with different kinds of drivers in Fedora to get smooth and jerky-free GL/graphic.

I've tested different Livna drivers, 96xx seem to be least bad choice - but far away from perfect. While 96xx tends to give me quite stuttering GL graphics (eg. when I test GLGears or have a GL-screensaver on) when something else is happening (eg. graphic changes in a torrent client or somebody sends me a PM through Pidgin) while in latest 97-drivers I basically get slow motion. The older Legacy drivers, on the other hand, don't seem to be supporting GLX.


So, I guess I have no other choice but jumping onto drivers found on nVidia's official website, hoping to get a stable set of drivers, suitable for my Geforce 5900XT.


Can you guys give me some tips about older stable drivers (including GL support). I figure the latest are not always the best choice, especially since my card is quite outdated.


Thanks in advance!

which release of fedora is this ?

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