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LVM problem



heres the situation. i got a server @ home and an XP machine, i use the server for fileserver/apache/ftp etc.

now i got a share to the server to /home/kevin where i keep my music etc, but since my collection is growing rapidly i wanted to extend the space...


i got told i should use LVM to extend the current space with the diskspace of my new hd. i added the new hd (160GB) to the volume group that already was there but the space dont get extended with the 160GB, infact, nothing happends.


Ive been reading various docs but cant seem to get it to work, this is my 4th day trying now and even considered installing windows 98 on the server :P hehe but that just plain sucks.


should i remove the current LVM and make a new 1? is that even safe cause i dont wanna lose the data i got stored on 2 hd's.


ive made some pics in Webmin wich you can see below.


[Image: LVM.JPG]

[Image: LVM2.JPG]

[Image: LVM3.JPG]



if any1 could help me out that would be great, i have no idea whats wrong, all seems fine judging on the pics above i posted.

just status update : got it fixed...

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