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Kickstarting an OLD laptop

Here I come with a *bump*, so..




I decided I wanted to give this a second try, and so I did. First thing I did was to google some more, and I actually found out that there were some people who managed to run DSL on laptops that are slightly better than mine. What was common for them was that they all used DSL 0,7-0,8. So I downloaded 0,7 and installed it, and I got it up and running. It ran OK, unless I tried to push it a little, the X got a little moody and closed fluxbox. (I had read about this during my googeling).


At this point, I understood that I at least should be able to get something going, so I went back to our best friend google, and started looking around for a little more info, and I found DeLi, and it looked promising.


After a quick DL, I installed it. Very easy install, and pretty fast. Had to do a little configuring, but that was just fun.


Now my little Toshiba is running like a dream, using Fluxbox or icewm.


I'll post a few pics this weekend, I hope.


So here it is, my little laptop:


[Image: Oldie.JPG]


* Running DeLi Linux

* Processor: Pentium 120MHz

* Memory: 16MB

* HD: 1,3GB

* Ethernet: Billionton 10Base-T


I hope this helps other people out there, wanting to kick start some good oldie :)


host a website on it and i'll be uber impressed !





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