Poll: Which distro do you like the most ?
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which distro do you like most

hi all,


time to vote for your favorite distro again :)




Mine hasn't altered since the last time, I am still a dedicated gentoo user. I do take time to experience the other distributions but I always my daily use desktop which runs gentoo.

i'm all for diversity, and it helps us all understand linux better,


lets see how the voting goes :)





Quote:i'm all for diversity, and it helps us all understand Linux better, 

lets see how the voting goes :)




Xandros is the only one that's working for me, I hated Solaris 10 and had problems with Suse 10 and they finally fixed some stuff in Xandros 4.


Hi Anyweb thanks for the past email to come back here, so Hi I'm back and using Xandros 4.1.

So far most of the problems I was having before are fixed by the latest upgrade. Music doesn't hang or lock up and xine is work in and amaork is alive and well.

Wish my lighted keyboard was included in that but not.


Can anyone tell me how to fix evolution to load and run minimized after boot-up?


Thanks and Hello again.




Total newb alert (regarding myself).

I've been bouncing arround trying different distros for about 2 months now, and have more or less settled with fc6 although DSL is kinda nice for an anywhere anytime distro. I'd also like to take the time now just to say to everyone, and that this probably wont be the last time I'll be posting on this forum. So far I'm pleasently surprised with linux and am looking forward all the stuff I can learn using it.

Peace :P


It is Gentoo all the way. It may not be perfect and it may not be for everyone, but it is for me.



I use Debian on both boxes at home, nice solid stable distro.
I Picked mandriva, because mandrake 7.2 was my first experience with linux back in 2000
I use Fedora 7 at the moment. It is pretty simple, good looking distro. I think a lot of people think 'blah, this is GUI, everything is with gui, it has yum, it sux' but the truth is you can compile everything and you can do everything without gui like in other distros. But there are some things which makes me nervous... On example I tried to install xvidcap in yum, but it said i need mplayer as a dependence... But I had already compiled mplayer by myself, heh.

Thats the annoying thing with most distros, to install things via yum or RPM there are dependancy errors constantly. I'm not too sure how to fix these erros either which doesn't help, but back to the point, the main reason why I prefer Ubuntu over other distros such as Fedora and SuSE is that to install something all I need to do in most cases is <i> sudo apt-get install *software*</i>. The APT package managment save a lot of time and reduces stress!


Same goes for source codes, 90% of the time, install from source fails. I type the usual "./cofigure" and get errors saying this or that failed therefore I cannot continue and do the "make","make install" commands.


As you probably guessed, I have voted for Ubuntu.


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