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Xubuntu has brought me closure

I left college in 1995, where I had been studying to be a Graphic Designer. My dad wanted the best for me and offered to get me my first computer. It was an Apple 2cx. I screwed it up almost immediately, and it never worked quite right. I was never able to use it for its true purpose, and, it was about as useful as a paperweight. Every once in awhile it'd boot up, give me hope and go back to useless. I got to the point where I just hated Mac. Every once in awhile, someone would give me an older Mac and it'd make me nuts. I'd keep this one Mac locked in the closet as a way of punishing it. I hated iPods; because, the interface resembled Mac too much.


A friend gave me an Optiplex SX260 with a missing HD. He suggested that I make a Linux Pendrive. I started with Mint, then tried SUSE, then a few different Ubuntus led me to Xubuntu 10. I tried Xubuntu 11, but, the Optiplex freaked and crashed. I'm back with 10.


Linux and I have a love/hate relationship; but, its far better than my Unix relationship, though I have a jailbroken iPhone. A few of my friends are IT guys that've given me just about all that they can give. Recently, one of them suggested that I use the repository to find a package that'll do what iTunes will do. I thought, crap, what's a repository again? So, I Googled it, and, I found this place. Bear with me, I want to do better.


Firstly, hello and welcome to the forums!


Secondly, you're experiencing the same frustration and barriers that many people go through when first starting out. Sadly, it's somewhat expected, and accepted, when learning something new. Most can be overcome with drive, determination and effort, and efforts are usually well-rewarded.


Good luck with the repo search! Once you get the hang of the commands/features for searching and installing software, you'll realise that it's quite a neat organised setup.


Let us know how you got on; there's help here for when you hit a wall!

Welcome to the forums! And I know exactly how you feel when you get frustrated when things don't seem to work the way you want them to work. Like Dungeon-Dave said, it's part of a learning process: You start with something new and you don't understand it. You work more with it you understand what's happening and how it works now. Then you move onto something new and you become frustrated again until you start to work with it. It's a never ending process. But that's what the forums are for where you can ask your questions where you get frustrated so we can help you learn. I don't have an i-phone, but I did a quick search for you and this or this and this link should help on your way cuz Xubuntu is based on Ubuntu. Basically you have to add a repository, looks like a backport repo. Then install some packages and some libraries and it should work. It's pretty easy just follow the instructions and if you run into anything that you don't get, glad to help out where I can. And nice to have you here :)

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