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Printing from Linux Through Samba Printer on Windows Machine

VIA This Webpage


As the topic states, I have an HP printer (HP 1210) hooked up to my windows xp box via USB and I have samba setup to share this printer in linux through the network.


Only problem was, I couldn't print anything from it from linux. The printer would act like it was going to start to print, but then it would just stop. The print queue had a document called "remote downlevel document" and it would just sit there until I shut off the printer and deleted the job.


So, after googling for a little bit on how to correct this, I found the solution:


Quote:On the Win XP machine, open printers and faxes, right click the icon for theshared printer, select properties. On the ports tab of the properties dialogue

, select the port with the shared printer and deselect "Enable bi-directional

support". That should fix it.

And it did fix it! I was so excited! This has been a problem since the beginning for me. It was nice to know that it was just as easy as disabling the "bi-directional support".


I hope this can help other people along the way too.


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