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Hi @ all



as a noob that i am, im searching for a community for linux beginners so i found this forum and find it nice - so im here now.


my interessting about linux startet since i startet with an android Smartphone and hate all the Bloat into the system and beginning with rooting and costumizing. then more and more im beginning to test some Distributions on mi Acer Notebook, but have a lot of problems with installation, Wireless connetions, mounting Harddrives and understand how to manage this things - but im not given up - and now found Linux Mint and it works - i also begann to understand the differences betwen a Linux Shell and a Dos and the installation Prozess. And now, i dont wona work with any other OS anymore... more and more im beginning to enjoy the possibiliys from Linux. So i hope i found here good inputs for use my linux.


outside from computer neding (on a noob level ;) ) im interesting about Music (also and most and more and more free Music) and politics (like the Pirate Party and left political ideas and hate rassist and every form of discrimination) and Philosophy (my favorite philosophers are Nietzsche, Adorno and Foucault, but i also like middle age philosophers and the ancient greek)


so, thats a bit about me. And, if my english is a liitle bit foolish, its because im from switzerland and living in germany


so thats it








Your English is pretty good, so no concerns on that front. I've actually found English from non-native speakers is better-constructed than from those for whom English is (supposed to be) their first language!

Welcome to the forums noob.fl! :) and welcome to Linux. Mint is a great choice to run for you desktop. Your English is fine. My advice to you is to just find something you would like to learn about Linux. Try to do it on your own and then see how far you get, and whatever questions you have or don't get you can post in the forums. The best way to learn to do things in Linux is to try things out to see how it works. That's how I've been learning lately. Hope that helps you out some.
A warm welcome to the forums! :)
welcome to !
thanks at all for your Welcome :)

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