Poll: are you going to use Microsoft Vista
yes definetly
i'll try it when Service pack 1 is out
no way ! I use linux
no way ! I use a Mac
no way ! I'm Randall.
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are you going to use Vista ?
I switched to Linux to avoid Vista. Micro$oft has enough of my money already.

I'm certainly going to give it a try at some point.


The trouble with being in an IT-related job is that many people naturally assume you use the most cutting-edge hardware and Microsoft technology - when I'm actually well behind with the Microsoft times and struggle with some modern stuff nowadays.


However, I comfortably predict I'll be called upon to help someone migrate their Outcrock settings etc (or more likely, I'll be volunteered by a member of my family) so I'll need to familiarise myself with some basics of Fista.


As for using it myself? Well, some of my geeky mates actually like it (but they're able to deactivate some services and optimise it to their requirements) whilst non-geeky mates badmouth it and show how superior they are by reinstalling XP for the umpteenth time. But me? I don't think it will add anything to my home computing experience. And the missus owns a Mac Laptop, so she's probably going to be somewhat adverse to using it, too...


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