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Hello love this forum.

Hello everyone, Anyweb thanks for this site, thanks for helping the noobie's such as myself.

I am retired trucker, on disability. I love computers, hate windows, beginning to really like Linux.

I have been trying many different distro's and have settled on Xandros 4, it's the only one I have been able to get working almost completely. I dumped Solaris 10, it was a horrible experience.

I first came here using Suse 10 but even with help I never got mplayer and other programs to work.


Since we live in a RV I travel some and take tons of photo's, I love gimp and digikam, super programs.


I do all this computer stuff because it keeps my brain going, but sometimes I have trouble understanding whats going on but once I see it done, I go with it.


I put a Radio Shack Personal, Coco 1,2,3, then went to the Amiga 1200, (wow that was a great computer), computer in my truck back in the 80's and been learning ever since.


I miss driving and see this great land, would have drove to Sweden and down under if they would have giving me pontoons.




thanks for the comments always nice to hear positive feedback about the forums


i've just paid for another 7 years for the domain name so it's mine until 2011 at least :)


enjoy the forums and enjoy linux !!


tell your friends about it too :)





Quote:...would have drove to Sweden and down under if they would have giving me pontoons.

There are somethings you can't do with Linux .. no matter how much we help HEHEH ;)


Welcome to the forums!


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