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Cfdisk in Damn-small linux
I'm trying to get damn-small to run on an old POS laptop. I need to make a linux partition on the hard drive. The limited instructions i have say to use cfdisk. Anytime i try to run cfdisk, even as "cfdisk /?" i get an error saying cannot open disk drive press any key to exit cfdisk.



The switch "/?" is rarely used in Linux.

Most apps use "-h" or "--help", or something similar.


i think you need to specify teh device.


cfdisk /dev/hda


cdfisk /dev/hdb



or somthign like that..




you may prefer to just run cfdisk on it's own. that might help.



but ur kommand cfdisk /? doesn't actually mean anything. (well not to me anyway)


I can't even get it to see that there is a hard drive, i've tried /dev /hda, and i still get the error. The file explorer won't see the hard drive either, but i figgured that was just because there were no linux partitions on it.


If this doesn't work, anyone know any way to run linux in fat 16? lol

I'm having the exact same problem with DSL and cfdisk. Tried everything recomended and no success. Any other ideas? The hard drive i'm trying to repartition has WIn98 on it. I'd like to just wipe the damn thing and install DSL, so if you have an easier way thats even better.
Did you find any answer? I am trying to create a partition as well for DSL. I would prefer to wipe the drive as well, but I am worried about totally removing the BIOS as well.

sudo -s before cfdisk /dev/hda or /dev/hdb.


Quite late, but hope this helps.

will the last post work if you have wiped the drive and thusly cant mount it im still new to the whole linux thing and was trying to make it the only operating system on my computer but... well now i may not be able to and my windows install disks arent working!
only one way to find out, try it !
this left me with an error about a binary file? I am toatally confused and am unsure of how to procede I really would like to run this computer without a cd in the drive!

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