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forums have been upgraded to IPB 2.1.3



the forums software (Invision power board) has now been updated today to the latest version 2.1.3




always working hard for our benefit.. cheers :)

thanks znx


i've noticed some improvments for moderators and admins in this new version


now when you move a topic you get the choice to move it to subforums, that's great as it wasn't available in 2.1.2


other news:-


i've added 4 sub forums to the tips and tricks section, by sorting through the load of topics and also taking some good replies (and some not so good) from the 'how do i' section which is getting very large


i'd encourage the admins/moderators to help out in this regard, so for example if you see a topic in 'how do i' that is about playing wmv files or something, then move it to the appropriate sub forum in 'tips and tricks'





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