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My PHP/MySQL RSS Generator

I have created a GPL'ed PHP RSS generator. It accepts input from a MySQL database and dynamically generates a feed for you. It's quite simple, but it's the first GPL thing I've ever made, so I guess all the good projects start from here ;)


The whole story about my RSS generator is on my blog and the source is downloadable here.


I'm sorry, this is the best I've given back to the open source community as yet, and it's not exactly complicated to build (especially for all you really clever people on these forums). :)


Built in SUSE 10 on Apache 2.0.54, PHP 5.0.5 and MySQL 5, but should work on most Web Server/PHP/MySQL installations.

i got a couple of point to make about the script (very minor stuff..) ill e-mail ya :)

Hi hybrid,


Nice works :) I am very impressed this is a excellent idea.


Quote:Hi hybrid, 

Nice works :) I am very impressed this is a excellent idea.

Thanks, xDamox. I've also got some ideas for the next version namely:

  • Limit on how many stories are shown (a simple config variable)

  • Obviously fixing all of this "very minor stuff.." as znx put it... ;)

  • Including the GPL licence and any related stuff (documentation?) in a downloadable tgz and zip.

  • Maybe make a control panel to put the data into the database??

Thanks for all the support, I just did this script last night because I felt like it and i'm getting support for the 'project' already. Thanks :)


When do I get a Sourceforge page? :P J/k.


i know i know i know i know .. i rant .. most of the time i promise to be good now ;)


hehee :)


I've done a bit more work, and uploaded a new version of the RSS Generator. This release only fixes the 'minor stuff' znx pointed out, but in the future I hope to add a nice web-based interface for writing to your RSS feed too.


Merry Christmas everyone :)


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