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Win an AMD (fujitsu siemens) Scaleo
I'll take a shot 1 minute and 43 seconds...
Here goes.... nothing 8 minutes 77 seconds j/k 9 minutes 17 seconds [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_ph34r.png[/img]

ok ya'll the competition is now officially CLOSED.


It appears that there are a few people close to the result but no one got it right,


when i booted the system a week ago, i attached a USB mouse instead of the PS/2 mouse, that caused a hardware 'redetect' which slowed down my result by some seconds.


anyway, on with the result,


from start up (pressing the power button) to the moment i got a ping reply back from took exactly (and i'm being specific here)


Quote:1 minute, 51.7 seconds

based on the result above and the guesses listed here, it's my honor to present the prize of the Fujitsu Scaleo Minitower pc to




for his near perfect guess of 1 minute and 56 seconds.


If z0ny wants the box, and will pay for shipping as above then it's all his, if he doesnt, then I will award it to the second closest guesser (and so on until the box is shipped out of my office).


congrats z0ny and thanks to everyone for taking part





Congradulations on your win z0ny hope you enjoy it :)

w00t z0ny.. any closer and we'd say you cheated!!! hahaha [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_laugh.png[/img]


thanks to anyweb for the comp.. and i hope you enjoy the machine ;)


W00T! o_O Cool, I've never won anything! :)

Of course I'll take it if shipping isn't too expensive!

Thanks everybody!


ok dude, congrats !


now we'll have to figure out how to ship it/how to pay for shipping


contact me this evening on irc and we'll figure something out


what linux distro (ubuntu/suse/fedora) do you want preinstalled on it ?




Bit too late here :)

I guess "1 minute, 51.7 seconds"




whoever wants it can have it


pay for shipping !


and thank z0ny and anyweb






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