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Win an AMD (fujitsu siemens) Scaleo



ok here it is, the competition, first of what can you win,


A Fujitsu Siemens Scaleo (800 MHz AMD Duron) Minitower (see photo), complete with 32mb nvidia Geforce 2MX 400 (32mb ram) card, Turtle Beach Sana Cruz II audio card, Intel 10/100 network, 56k modem, 20gig hd, 128mb ram, IDE based.


also included i will pre-install a linux distro such as ubuntu linux 5.1, suse 9.3 professional or fedora core release 4 on this for the winner.


Its a nice wee box with room for expansion and it can be yours for FREE, NADA, ZIP. Well not quite, YOU have to pay for SHIPPING the box from me, to you.


ok, thats it, on with the competition,


Quote:later today i will boot the machine up and i will ping, to win this box, you have to tell me from the moment i press the ON button to when i can open a cmd prompt (or cli) and type ping and get a ping reply from, how long will it take on this box ? for example:- i guess 3 minutes 45 seconds.  

Now that's cool isnt it, well, what if i forget to plug in the ethernet cable ? that could take a few extra minutes ? either way, i'll time it and as soon as I get a PING reply from, that'll be my END time and i'll subtract the start time from that to get the result

ok ? easy huh ?


The first person with the nearest correct answer (in seconds) wins and only one guess per person


reminder of the rules:-


* you pay for shipping

* you must be a member of

* only one guess per person

* the guess must be in the form of X minutes and X seconds

* post your guess in this thread.

* first person with the correct answer who is willing to pay for shipping, gets it.

* if the person who wins doesn't want to pay for shipping, then the next nearest (who is willing...) will get the computer

* competition CLOSES Wednesday 8th of June 2005 (winner will be announced same day)


people ! this is actually a nice little box and worthy of some attention, so if you win it, do us all a favor here at, tell us exactly what you are going to do with it :)



good luck





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4mins and 34 seconds
I say 1 minute and 30 seconds
Come on, you ain't that slow: 1 minute 56 seconds. :)

okay, i'm going to take a guess at this for fun. whether i win or not is irrelevant. ;)


my guess is: 2 minutes, 45 seconds.


I agree. Whether I win or not is irrelevant. This is for fun, right? okay...


my guess is: 3 minutes, 17 seconds.



ill box for a 2 minutes flat! in all honesty though don't really need 'yet another pc'
definetly 4 min 18sec

I guess 4:56


That is saying that it isn't in standby :)


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