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FC3 Problems

It takes a good 5-7 mins for FC3 to fully boot to desktop ready to go, also when I get to desktop, Mozilla, GAIM, everything goes slow, even Terminal and other things listed in the Applications list. I don't know what's going on, but maybe I have some things running I should, or I need to change a setting? Whatever it is, it's letting me down bigtime on this whole FC3 thing, It's really cool, and I like what I see and learn. So I hope I can get it fixed soon : \ Also I can't get theme's installed. I see screenies of Linux looking really good and visual, but I can't seem to get mine that way.


Thanks for any help/suggestions.


Have a good one.




what type of hardware are you using ?


as root type ntsysv and you can enable/disable services at boot time,. for example, if you don't print and dont use a printer you can disable the CUPS service






Well it looked like unplugging the PC for 5 mins did something, that was a weird temporary issue. Hope it doesn't happen again. Boots quick and fresh now. Nice, thanks for the command to stop stuff I don't use at startup. >>>>>>>>>>>>I do get RGB errors when trying to run glxgears, and screensavers crash my GUI/Desktop<<<<<<<<<<<<


Asus P4P800 SE Motherboard

P4 3.2Ghz HT Technology - Northwood Core, Socket 478

1gigabyte - 4x(256mb) - of Samsung PC-2700 Ram

80Gig WD (IDE), 10Gig Quantium (IDE)

6600GT 128mbDDR3 AGP 8x

Sound Audigy 2

CD-R/RW Burner 48x CD-R/12x CD-RW

DVD-CD Player 48x

Lian-Li Case

450 Watt PSU




As for installing themes, you need to get themes for the theme manager. They can be found on KDE-Look here.


does running glxgears as root give a different result than running it as a normal user


pls test






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