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AirCard 710
Hey all, recently tried getting my Sierra Wireless AirCard 710 GSM/GPRS Wireless Modem installed in FC3...after following the guide for installing it under Linux, KPPP says it can't find /dev/modem, which is what it is supposed to be avalible as. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

its been a LONG time since i've setup a modem in linux. Generally /dev/modem is a symlink to the modem device. If memory serves me well its like /dev/ttyS#


# being a real number which is a COM port.


so com1 = /dev/ttyS0

com2 = /dev/ttyS1


so on and so on. So try to make a symlink from /dev/ttyS# to /dev/modem and try each number till it works.. and hopefully that will work

I'll try this out, report back on the status. Also, has anyone ever set up this card? If ya have, I'd love your support! Oh, and thanks, hijinks.

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