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Wine Install in Knoppix

I inherited a machine at my job with knoppix preinstalled on it. Instead of wiping it clean, I decided to keep it as it and try to work with it.


I want to install wine on knoppix to try and run some misc windows applications, specifically the remote desktop client to connect to Windows XP machines).


When visiting the WineHQ download website [/url][url=] I wasn't sure what system to select. I don't mind downloading the source and doing it manually but what category does Knoppix fall under? (RH, Mandrake, slackware, Debian etc)



Doesn't Knoppix use RPM? It's probably better compiling by yourself if you have gcc.
Knoppix uses apt-get and uses .deb as it uses debians package managment system

Just a note, do a bit of research online at the english site and it clearly says that knoppix turns into a debian buffed with software once installed. so if you are saying it is installed, however not a persistent home or live cd where the cd is always in one CD drive and always needed.




heres a followup, the best way to install is by going into the K menu and choosing run command and clicking under options "Run in terminal"


This would let you copy and paste the commands required to install wine. Its simple, commands are bolded'




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