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apt for fedora core release 3
if you don't mind me asking - what is apt exactly? o_O

apt is a package mangement tool that was developed by debian. It has been ported for rpms. It allows you to install a rpm package and then it will figure out what other rpms are need and auto install those so you don't have to install all the depandancies yourself.


Its also a great way to keep your system updated with current rpm's


oh, i think i've already got that!

must have downloaded it earlier on! B)


needed to fix my apt-get cuz it was screwed so i found this thread. BUT it would appear microsoft has bought the link that flukex put up. i found it elsewhere just wanted to warn everyone that the link will take you to an MS sight and not to an apt-get rpm.

peace out, tek


link fixed


seems that




redirects to google then to






works fine :)






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