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what is a noob

Counter Strike? What about 2142? That is REALLY realistic...well you cannot say it isn't i mean it hasn't happened yet. lol

I am sure in the future war ships will fly and stay in the same place in a battle.

And that it will have 4 entrances for the enemy!

And that if you don't capture 5 places on a map you magicaly lose.

and that battle ships or "titans" don't just blow up the silos and.....oh you get the point.

I am NOT a 2142 but i AM a linux noob!

Anyone want to join a 2142 clan?

If so please get ventrillo (in windows) and set the info to this:


Port: 4317

Tell them that Delta sent you.

We also play C&C 3 and COD 2 and other games!

Join today and you get 2 hot cheerleaders! :) (or dudes if your a girl)

im a noob and im liked to be a noob... im very 7331 in my noobism [img]<___base_url___>//public/style_emoticons/default/tongue.png[/img]
haha you'll thinking differently once you understand a bit more experience and are able to find your way around more :)You can take that from me.

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