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Postfix vs. Sendmail

I've read alot about both, and I'm failing to see a deciding factor to go one way or the other. Would someone enlighten me as to which currently has the advantage?


My biggest concern is integration with Spam Assassin or other anti-spam products. That's the main reason for this new mail server.


Thanks in advance.


I use Postfix (with AMaViS and Spamassassin) because it is much easier to administrate and had less security holes (in the past) than Sendmail. :)



which do you think is easier to install?

I just told you, Postfix is my choice.




I won't get into an argument over this because it comes down to personal preference. I have used Sendmail for years and am quite happy with it. I have tried qmail and postfix and both get the jobs done however I am most familiar with sendmail and I stick with it. I do not use rpm based packages for sendmail or any other package provided as a binary. Sendmail is easy to build from source as long as you can follow directions. I have also used a combination of mimedefang and spamassassin on my servers for quite a while now. With the three, I can filter based on message content easily.


BTW: There is a excellent guide to installing sendmail with spamassassin and mimedefang at: [/url][url=] Following this guide closely, you will wind up with a stable and powerful mail server that includes a excellent spam filter.


lots of help p38. i purchased the sendmail Cookbook today from O'Reilly also. i think between the guide you sent me and the cookbook I should be ok.


thx again :)


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