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Fedora Core Ping Problem



I am fairly new to linux and i have just recently formatted my old windows pc to run Fedora Core 2 linux so i can run a server. I am a proficiant networker so i know what i am doing the physical/windows side of things but i can't get the fedora network card to work properly.


Linux Machine is a 3com 3C900 10 Mbp/s network card on a P3 650Mhz 256MB Ram running a recently downloaded copy of Fedora Core 2. It has successfully detected the card on OS install and installed the correct corresponding drivers. It is the device eth0.


Linux machine as windows. Was running windows 2000 (which partition has been deleted) and the NIC worked perfectly with statically configured settings in the same setup several days before the reformat.


XP Machine is connected to a home wireless network with access to the internet via router it also has a second NIC which is a US Robotics 10/100 That i know works.


The network i am trying to acomplish is too simple being just a crossosver cable between the two computers with at proxy running off XP machine so linux can access internet. When i put the crossover cable in the lights light on the back of the NIC's but neither computer can ping each other. i tried connecting the computers through my home routers switch (and the correct cables) but same senario. even when i tried to configure the linux box by the DHCP server on the router, that failed also. Returned error somthing like "Wasnt able to detect settings" but that only happened when set to DHCP.


After each setting change i restarted the entire computer (for good measure) and still no results.


When the computers were connected with a static configuration on the crossover i set up a packet sniffer on the xp machine and sent a ping. The results were that ARP wasn't able to resolve the IP. when i ran ping on the linux machine listening on the XP machine, the sniffer returned nothing.



Can this be fixed or do i need to buy a new Network card? If so can you recomend a card for use with linux (PCI only)








Please paste "ipconfig /all" from the Windows XP box and "ifconfig -a" from the FC2 machine. What do you get upon running "mii-tool eth0"? Also show the results of "route -n".




Assuming the network configurations on the windows side are correct, i strongly recommend you to use the 'netconfig' command from the linux box, and make sure everything is properly configured.


Incase everything looks fine, please run the following commands and paste the results:

1) "ifconfig -a"

2) "cat /etc/sysconfig/network"

3) "cat /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0"


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