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can filesystem become corrupt?

I copied all my data from my desktop over to my laptop(now it keeps saying out of diskspace, clean up date to add more file)

and now my applications/drivers keep on crashing(ie:firefox,chrome, thunderbird,wireless).Is it possible

that a filesystem(ext4) can become corrupt after being being overfull for too long? Will check the logs

later when I get back home.


Filesystem corruption can always occur, no matter what the filesystem is. EXT3, EXT4, ReiserFS and NTFS all have "journalling" capabilities to deal with - and fix - corruption when it occurs.


The usual cause is something interrupting a write, such as a power-down, badly stopping a process (yes, "kill -9".. I'm looking AT YOU!) or a partition full/quota exceeded limitation. The journal should detect the failed write attempt and roll back the file to its previous state, or roll forwards the intended write before the outage - the result should either be "successful write" or "completely untouched", as opposed to "partially done but you need to do some work".


I think the situation could just be a full partition - use "df" to check.


If you're using LVM and there's unallocated extents then you could grow the filesystem to give yourself more space.

It is a full partition, will move all my data back once I have my new pc put together. Not planning on adding another harddisk in my laptop. Not worth it.
thanks for the info :)

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