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Hi all!


First I want to say, WOW! I'm SOOOOOO happy to finally find a Linux community that is geared towards newbies! I'm an IT Manager for a large company in the US, MCSE, A+ etc... but have never seriously sat down and learned linux. I've installed in numerous times, and played with it, but never enough to really do EVERYTHING that i need it to do. Last summer was the last time that i did anything serious. Well, now I'm installing Fedora C2 on a desktop. I'm looking forward to getting wine installed, and using some windows programs working under linux. If i am successful, then I plan on dual booting my Home PC with Fedora C2 as well.


Anyway, Anyweb, thanks a ton for this site, and for all the helpful items, reviews etc that you have put on your site, as well as all the members that have contributed. I plan on being as active as possible on this board.


Thanks again!


Dan B.


hey no problems Dan and welcome to the forums !


we are geared towards giving power to linux noobs everywhere and even those who think they know linux ;-)




anyweb (linux-noob extrodinaire)

Quote:Hi all! 

First I want to say, WOW!

Hi dan


welcome to linux-noob :)

you'll find all the help with linux here :)





Hi and welcome to, Dan! =)




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