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how do i change the sshd default port from 22

to change the sshd default listening port from 22 to say 6666 do as follows:


vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config

edit the line which reads Port 22 so that it now reads your chosen port number (example below)

#       $OpenBSD: sshd_config,v 1.59 2002/09/25 11:17:16 markus Exp $
# This is the sshd server system-wide configuration file.  See
# sshd_config(5) for more information.
# This sshd was compiled with PATH=/usr/local/bin:/bin:/usr/bin
# The strategy used for options in the default sshd_config shipped with
# OpenSSH is to specify options with their default value where
# possible, but leave them commented.  Uncommented options change a
# default value.
Port 6666


save the file and restart sshd


now, to connect via ssh to your new listening port do as follows:


ssh -p6666







Maybe it's an idea to make a SSHd tips & tricks in general... instead of all these little settings in a separate tips and tricks post?!
done !

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