Poll: what do you run linux on ?
p4 desktop pc
p3 desktop pc
p2 desktop pc
p1 desktop pc
486 desktop pc
386 desktop pc
286 desktop pc
laptop !!
other or AMD
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what do you run linux on ?

Quote:nerd Posted Today, 08:29 PM just for general reference..




server running Slackware Linux Kernel 2.4.30:

wow ! slackware sure is up to date ;)






I run several computers with linux on them....



Main server:

Supermicro X6DAE-G

2 x 2.8GHz Xeons with EMT-64 support

3ware 7506-8 RAID controller with 1.6TB of space

1GB of Crucial PC2700 ECC

80GB WD system drive

running Slackware 10.1 Kernel version 2.4.29


This computer:

Asus Pundit

1.8GHz intel P4

512MB Crucial PC2700

160GB WD

Slackware 10.1 Kernel


Another desktop:

VPR Matrix (Bestbuy brand)

2.3GHz P4

512MB of RAM

running Slackware 10.1 Kernel version



Soyo Li-7000

533MHz Celeron

512MB Crucial PC133

running Smoothwall Express 2.0 Kernel version 2.4.29


Gamming computer:

Asus P4P800 Deluxe

P4 3.0GHz 800MHz FSB

1GB Crucial PC3200

30GB WD Raptor

160GB removable drive

DVD-RW Sony DRU-500

DVD-RW Sony DRU-530


Play/test computers:

Dell GX110


GX110 has 1Ghz PIII with 256MB of PC100

GX115 has 1GHz PIII with 384MB of PC133


MS Server 2003 Test:

ABIT IT7-MAX2 v. 2

Intel 3.02GHz P4 (533)

1GB Crucial PC2700

200GB WD



Most of these computers (with the exeption of the Linux server) are using Sony LCD displays.

The two Linux desktops are hooked to a Sony SDM-S81, and the two windows machines are hooked to a Sony SDM-HS93/H. [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_ohmy.png[/img]


Quote:I run several computers with linux on them....



that's some nice hardware. i do have other machines here. three are XP though. they're used by other users and they're entitled to their own OS. ;)


the other systems here are as follows:

p4 3.0ghz ht/1gb ram

(sold) p4 2.4ghz/1gb ram

p4 1.7ghz/512mb ram

p3 550mhz/256mb ram

p2 350mhz/128mb ram

dual p2 300/384mb ram

ipp166mmx/64mb ram




I sold my old PC P4 1.5Ghz.


so now, I got my laptop


Fujitsu Siemens, Amilo D 1845, P4 3.06Ghz HT, 768MB ram (Soon will get another 512MB to get 1024) ATI mobility radeon 9700. WXGA. 80GB HDD, Wifi build in.


it got dual boot, Fedora core 3 and Windows XP pro.




1) 635MHz Celeron w/ 640M RAM, (2) 300G drives plus nfs mount to two more 300G drives, and samba mount to all drivespace on the WinXP box (120G)


2) dual 450Mhz Celeron w/ 768M RAM, (2) 300G drives, shared over network via nfs


3) 2.8GHz Celeron D w/2G RAM, 300G drive, PVR-350 (MythTV box)


all are running Fedora Core 3 (currently).


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