Poll: how did you end up on linux-noob.com
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i googled something and it linked here
7 29.17%
a friend told me
1 4.17%
i saw a link on IRC
6 25.00%
anyweb told me to come here
6 25.00%
using another search engine
1 4.17%
1 4.17%
don't remember how
2 8.33%
Total 24 vote(s) 100%
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how did you find this site ?

Quote:I was going to ask, would it be easier to install Windows and use Windows partition program... then install Linux, or would it be better to do the opposite. ex Install Linux first with the linux partition prog then Windows, or is it just the same. I just wanted to know this before I got on the wheel.


i would use a boot disk (my preference would be knoppix) and use it to partition the device.


if you are going to dual boot. install windows first, linux second. Windows will always overwrite the master boot record. This means that any grub/lilo setup will be wiped by the windows install. You can repair .. but its far easy to start with windows install.


i to ,like djwiplash, googled linux noob and came upon this "shrine to all that is good and decent in this cruel world". thanks for the wonderful site!!!!


I truely can't remember, but it wasn't in the browser googling or searching, It was in the irc, i saw the chan name somewhere in someone /whois. that's it. and i like it :P :P :P

I was cruising EFnet for some Linux/Unix help #Chans because I was having a bitch of a time installing Gentoo (when it didn't have it's GUI installer) and then on #linux-noob I was directed to the site :)

Good people.


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