Poll: how did you end up on linux-noob.com
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i googled something and it linked here
7 29.17%
a friend told me
1 4.17%
i saw a link on IRC
6 25.00%
anyweb told me to come here
6 25.00%
using another search engine
1 4.17%
1 4.17%
don't remember how
2 8.33%
Total 24 vote(s) 100%
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how did you find this site ?

how did you end up on linux-noob.com/forums ?


i'm curious how people ended up here, the member list is growing daily,


tell me how you found the site please !





I remebered very 1st i got to know you, you asked me to come and join your forum and i did. :)I enjoy hang out here. it very helpful and i am still learning! :)
I hacked it, and thought I'd keep it :P

I just entered linux noobie into google.



heh :)
did i actually find it :/

I did some serious google searching for help installing Suse L. 9.3. I came across so many websites, some that just talked about it for pages and pages. After long disatifications, I googled, "How to Install Suse 9.3" (Just like that, with puncuations and all, yes including the " " ) and you'll see what I saw in the little info area which got me here! I was like niiiiiiiiice.


Never got around to installing the trial version or w/e, it was because I couldn't set up the DHCP or w/e to start d/l it or installing it, one of the two. (Note: that was the mini installer d/l) I don't have a DVD burner so that's kinda lame on Novell's part to be putting it out in such sizes some people can't burn yet. (You know, because DVD cd's hold alot, regular ones don't)


Other than that, I am ready to start learning, and I decided this would be a great place, get here on a fresh start, because I see it's not that old of a place, that's a good thing though.


I haven't purchased Suse 9.3 Pro just yet, I know I won't be tearing it up on my games like I do on Windows, but I see binary stuff that lets you play some, hopefully most of your games. I just wanted to get some opinions on the ups and down (nothing too fancy) on the diff between Win XP and Suse L. First I can say I have read security on Linux is more flexible.


Hope I get started on here soon, alot. But I have alot of Q's heh.


My first one is, I don't have much money, so, the OS is going to burn me as it is. I need to make another partition as I have already read so I can install Linux on a reasonable amount of space. 30G's sound good to me. (meaning having to get Partition Magic to do that, don't want to if I can do otherwise) You can tell I don't want to lose Windows, of course because I paid for it, I just want a new enviorment, and get into a community. Down to the question, how would I go about making another partiton, perferably for free or with free software, so I can install Linux and make it a choice OS when the computer boots. I can prob survive on installing Linux from that screenshot walkthrough on this website. But I may need help, nvr know.


Hope to hear from all soon. All help is appreciated. Linux sounds very promising, but I have always been drawn away from it because it seems so complex so it makes it feel impossible to learn. I want to change that!


Thanks for any help/comments. tty all soon! Synchro


hi and welcome to the forums


if you dont have much money then why not try a FREE and fabulous linux distro such as Fedora core release 3




screenshots right here





not only a free distro.. but when we set our mind too it .. free help :)

: ) Yes, thnku


I was going to ask, would it be easier to install Windows and use Windows partition program... then install Linux, or would it be better to do the opposite. ex Install Linux first with the linux partition prog then Windows, or is it just the same. I just wanted to know this before I got on the wheel.


Thanks for the recom Anyweb, for the OS.


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