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cookies for this site
My cookies don't seem to be working for this site. The auto-form-complete remembers my username and pass, but login isn't stored after browser close, and there is some trouble with definitions of posts as "new". Help, anyone?

works fine for me, what browser are you using ?


ive tested ie/mozilla in linux/windows, all work fine





Im using Mozilla with pretty much all the defaults intact. It could be that there's a setting somewhere I need to tweak, or possibly that it's not supposed to keep me logged in after the browser closes like Ive been used to.
Fiddle around with it a bit :P you'll find it.... If you need to view your cookies just go: Edit/Personal Data (at least for my browser) or Edit/Preferences. I could be wrong though. hehe
Edit/Preferences didnt show anything about retaining cookies after browser close, and neither did the site control panel. This is probably because it works for the other sites I have cookie login to, but that still doesn't do anything for this site..

try deleting the cookies for this site and clear your cache


does that work ?


Edit -> Prefernces, expand the +" Privacy & Security", there is a cookies.


you need to enable it. if it still not working. Click "Manage Stored Cookies. then you can remove it all cookies. and try again. that should work :)


good luck

I removed all cookies, set the an accept dialogue to come up, and re-logged. The information displayed for the cookie i got straight from this site had "expiration: session close". Guess ill have to go in and work on modding the cookie file. Where are they stored?



it seems you are the one and only person who is having difficulties with cookies on this site and we have over 100 members

what is different about your browsing setup ?


tell us






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