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Winamp and Window Media player not working

:) Hi friend,

I have installed recently released Wine Package from wine-20040121.tar.gz in my operating system Redhat Linux 2.4.20-8 .i686 with Option of NO Window Install(i.e; fake window) in my user directory.It installed correctly and percetage correctness when checked with command ./tools/winecheck is 95%.


With this i am not able to run various dos programme like adobe page maker 5.5,

Winzip 8.1,WinRaR3.2,Notepad,etc.


Now i installed Winamp 2.75 it went all right while installing without any error.It is also opening with its default skin without any problem.But when i open a .mp3 file and click open it does not play and gives 'Nullsoft output error 2.3'.I am unable to unerstand this error.


I also tried to intall Winow Media Player 7.1 but it is not getting installed.All the time it tells that unable to load uninstaller and reboot system.Doing so also does not prooved to be helpful.Next time also the error is same.


Kindly help me also so that i may play mp3 file and .dat file in linux through Wine.




try installing winamp as root, that worked for me, didnt seem to want to install in wine as a normal user,


as regards windows media player, you'll probably need crossover office to install that, wine is good, but not really THAT good


i'd strongly suggest that you take a look at this wine site its got loads of info about wine and getting certain programs to work






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