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here it is, the photo is OUT OF DATE but you get the idea. The photo shows it running windows 2003, which was true until i installed fedora on it a year ago or so :)The server uptime is here if you are interested and the server runs on Fedora core release 1 (more details here [/url][url=<___base_url___>/index.php?showtopic=1406][/url][url=<___base_url___>/index.php?showtopic=1406] )


the laptop is the web server and incase there is any problem with the it, the desktop is used (maintenance etc), the desktop runs windows 2003 server IIS 6 (woot) which is in a heavily locked down state(check how I did that here), and mysql 4 and php 4 also. I backup/copy the entire database from server #1 (the laptop) to server #2 (the big one) for redundancy, and i can switch them over transparently by pointing the firewall at the other ip and you guys wouldnt even notice i had done it :)



also, in the pic is the 3com 10/100 hub, i'm still wiating to get a switch, and there is the dlink di-701 hardware firewall/gateway/router/nat which has now been replaced with another desktop running smoothwall.


thats it !





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Hey, just a suggestion, if your laptop is going to be a back up, why not do "load balancing" or "cluster"? Since you are using 2003 ent edition. Other than that... looks good.

sounds like an idea mate, but i havnt a clue how to do it :(


have you done it ?


where have ya been lately we missed ya !









now that's an uptime! wute! :)


um yeah, and its a blank page doing a whole lot of nothing really


so whats the point ;-)


at least my server DOES something :)


and the last reboot it had was due to a power strike across half of sweden/denmark, so it was not planned or avoidable (i don't have an ups)






past of few days i was total bored. and play with my apache and php. i made uptime and kernel info on my site. it's personal. use PHP


Show Kernel only (E.G)

$kernel = exec("uname -r");
print "kernel: $kernel";


the command in php - exec is execute from the command as you use the same commands on console such as, uptime, uname -a, ls -l etc..


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